Clear Space Organising was launched in 2004 and has been helping people all over Australia improve their lives since then!

Rebecca Mezzino – Professional Organiser

Unlike many Professional Organisers, Rebecca was not in fact ‘born organised’. She was actually born very organisationally challenged (a genetic gift!).

A number of years ago Rebecca decided to change her always-late, constantly-forgetting-and-losing-things lifestyle and try to smooth out the bumps. So she researched, and observed, and taught herself how to get organised – and surprised herself by staying that way (as it had never lasted in the past)! She found that she had a knack for communicating her skills and knowledge, and decided she would love to help people achieve their goal to get more organised – and so Clear Space was born.

Because Rebecca has been through it all before, she knows just what you’re going through, and just what you need in order to get where you want to be.

Rebecca’s qualifications and experience include:USE IMG_2327aSmall

  • Bachelor of Business (Management Information Systems)Rebecca
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • “Expert” Accredited Member of Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO)
  • Past executive committee member of AAPO (3 terms)
  • Member of Institute for Learning Practitioners (ILP)
  • Volunteer for St John Ambulance
  • 10 years of experience organising homes, offices and people
  • 20 years of experience working in corporate environments

Outside work, Rebecca loves to read, read and read some more – she’s a sucker for word games, too. She is great at untangling things and, according to her kids, explaining feelings well. She’s hopeless at sports using balls or hand-eye coordination but, rather inexplicably, is a sharp shooter and decent skier.

Rebecca is empathetic but fun – and understands exactly what you’re going through and will make it all seem easier. Trust us when we say you will actually enjoy yourself!

Mick Mezzino – Business Development & Marketing

Mick has long-standing corporate relationship, business development and marketing experience and success.  He worked for many years in the finance industry in banks and credit unions, was the CEO of a national membership company and most recently held senior business development roles in the not-for-profit sector.

His favourite business thing to do is to build strategic alliances for mutual benefit and has had great success with that throughout his career.

Mick also gets hands-on by helping people declutter, especially with sheds and garages.

Mick’s qualifications and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance – Marketing Major)
  • Diploma of Business (Management)
  • Justice of the Peace since 1993
  • Volunteer at his children’s school and Unley Mercedes Jets Football Club
  • Over 20 years experience in the Corporate sector
  • 5 years of experience in the Not-For-Profit sector

He absolutely loves AFL; coaching 8 year-olds, working on the committee of his local footy club and watching Port Adelaide play every week in rain, hail or shine. He’d play every week if his knees would let him!

Tanya Firth – Organising Consultant

Some would say that Tanya comes from a family of born organisers!  She has a flair for thinking ahead, being focused and seeing what is needed to achieve a practical and aesthetically pleasing environment.  Tanya has worked in a variety of roles, all with the common link of encouraging those around her to be more organised, focused, effective and comfortable within their work places and homes. She enjoys developing and sharing new systems, tools and strategies that are efficient and tangible for all involved, creating a better living and working environment.

Tanya’s experience includes:

  • “Expert” Accredited Member of Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO)
  • 7 years in corporate environment including 5 years in management
  • 6 years as a small business owner
  • 7 years as a child and home manager moving from home to home around South Australia
  • Past volunteer and committee member for Make-A-Wish Foundation and numerous other events/organisations
  • ‘Diploma of Event Management’ plus events coordinator and supervisor for major events and conferences
  • Property investment, renovations and share market

She appreciates the feeling of wellbeing, pride and balance that enters a home or office with just a few changes.  A combination of these loves sent her on a search for a career that could fulfil her passion whilst share her specific skills.  This led Tanya to Clear Space Organising Services and helping you achieve your goals.

We love Tanya and she gets rave reviews from all clients. She is an awesome organiser!

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