Supporting and Assisting Someone Who Is A Hoarder

Nearly everyday, we get an enquiry from someone who has a loved one they suspect or know is a hoarder and who is struggling with how to help and support them.

To help these people, we offer a workshop BREAKING THROUGH – supporting & assisting someone you know who is or may be a hoarder.

Hoarding is not a new social issue however, increased public awareness and recognition of the problem and its related social and community impacts is creating increasing interest and expectation of ways to understand and manage such circumstances.  How to help someone who is a hoarder is ‘unknown territory’ for many people and, because of a lack of knowledge and resources, brings feelings of frustration, anxiety, helplessness and being overwhelmed. Uncertainty about how to approach the situation, fear for personal health and safety and pressure from family members, friends and the community further exaggerate the situation.

This workshop covers a number of areas including:

  • helping you understand why people hoard and the psychology behind hoarding
  • assessing the situation and severity of the hoarding condition
  • how to approach, relate to and work with hoarders in denial
  • working with families and all stakeholders to maintain positive and productive relationships
  • maintaining the dignity, privacy and respect of the hoarder
  • how best to communicate with the hoarder and use the correct language
  • some important dos and don’ts
  • addressing any safety concerns you may have
  • improving mood and quality of life
  • options for intervention
  • teaching decluttering methods that you can then teach the hoarder
  • reducing their resistance to seek help

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