Decluttering or organising?

There’s a difference between decluttering and organising.

Decluttering is removing things permanently from your home, organising is grouping like with like and storing it somewhere (and “stashing” is a whole other beast entirely!).

If you’re living in chaos, your first step is to declutter. Don’t try to skip over it to organising (I know you would love to have it all looking beautiful in lovely matching storage but hold out a bit) because unless you declutter, it won’t last.

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  1. I think there is importance for both organising and decluttering. You need to remove extraneous stuff from your life, but you also need to organise what you need to live your life. I like comfort and the security of my things around me, so I probably keep more things than I really need.

    For me, I can’t stand to leave my clean washing in a basket…I need to iron if necessary and hang or fold it up and put it away.

    I also liike to have a place for things and everything in its place. That way I can find what I need without having to search all over the house for it. We recently had some repairs done in the house and my husband moved things for the builder’s access and I am still looking for some important bits and pieces eg the transformer for the cordless vacuum..grrr!

  2. Judith Wimborne says:

    I’m a fan of decluttering, but find the hardest part is to decide if I really don’t need the item. Are there any criteria for this?

  3. I agree completely. I don’t care much for organizing. I’d rather declutter enough so that there isn’t much organizing left to do. 🙂 In any case, decluttering is a necessary part of the process of organizing a home.

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