Home Downsizing

Moving to a smaller home can be stressful, especially when you’ve collected a lifetime of memories and belongings.

When it’s time to move to a smaller, manageable home,  a retirement village or aged care facility, one thing is certain – everything in your current home is not going to fit in the new one.

There are many things to consider when needing to reduce and let go, including:

  • Planning how to best use the available space in your new home
  • Deciding what to take to your new home
  • Decluttering your existing home for sale or rent
  • Preparing & packing for the move, and then unpacking
  • Being prepared to say goodbye to treasured belongings
  • What to do with the things that can’t move with you, including pets

We know your belongings mean a lot and have strong memories attached to them, but letting go is hard to do.

Perhaps you need to help your parent downsize, but finding the time to help them is difficult or you live some distance away.

But where do you start, how do you find the time and who do you trust to help?

What our clients really appreciate is managing the entire move, putting the plan together, organising all the necessary resources and overseeing them in to their new home.

Clear Space can help you make the hard decisions about what to keep and what to let go. We also help with the physical work involved with the move.

We can work by your side throughout the process or leave the entire job to us.  The end result will be a home cleared, organised, cleaned and left ready to sell or rent.  And your new home all set up and ready to move in to.

We provide a sensitive & understanding service and the emotional & physical support to make the move as quick, cost effective and pain-free as possible.

Because each person and move is different and that we like to get know our clients, free quotations are prepared on site.  We visit your home, get to know you, and you us, and then come up with a plan.  Within 24 hours, a detailed quote is then provided.

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How Clear Space Can Help

Planning the Move – together, we’ll come up with a plan that considers your personal situation, objectives and time frames. And then use that plan to organise and manage your entire move.

Motivation – sometimes, starting is the most difficult step. We’ll provide both the emotional and physical help to get you motivated and inspired. By understanding your personality and how it may impact the move, together with your goals, the challenges you face and what bothers you, we’ll support and guide you throughout the move.

Space Planning and Furniture Placement – we help plan how to best fit your existing furniture and belongings in to your new home and how to make the most of your available space, so it really does feel like home again.

Decluttering – saying goodbye is hard to do. We’ll help you decide which items are the most important to take with you, so you can love your new home as much as your previous one.

Packing and Unpacking – our packing and transporting services provide the know-how to ensure the move is fast, easy and stress-free. And there’s nothing like coming into your new home with it all set up, boxes out of sight and fresh linen on the bed.  Just relax and enjoy your new surrounds.

Redistributing Belongings – once you decided what furniture and belongings will go to your new home, there will be many that will need to be redistributed.  The choices are to give to family and friends, sell, donate to charity, place in to storage or if absolutely necessary, send to waste.  From years of experience, we can identify which items are likely to sell at auction.  For items destined for donation, you can choose the charity or leave it up to us.  Our services also include the secure shredding and disposal of personal documents and arranging the remaining items to go to waste.

Arranging the Practical Services – rubbish removal, cleaning, gardening, storage, repairs and recommending real estate agents to sell or rent the home.

Estate Clearances  if you need to clear an estate, we can also take care of this too.

Download the brochure.

Let Clear Space help remove the stress, and anything else that needs to go.

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