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60-Day Christmas Challenge ebook


60-day Christmas Challenge eBook.

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Product Description

This ebook is designed to motivate you to spend the last 60 days before Christmas preparing with one task a day. Some tasks are decluttering-related and some are Christmas preparations.

You’ll also learn some detailed methods for decluttering certain areas of your home from the expert.

You can follow it day-by-day or use it as a guide to pick and choose what challenge you want to do each day, or even wait and do 7 challenges each weekend!

It’s in pdf format, so you can use it on your ereader, computer, or print out a copy to refer to (and cross off what you’ve achieved!)

There are no dates, so you can use this year after year.

Last year’s participant Heather said:

Last year, when I started Rebecca Mezzino’s ‘Countdown to Christmas Declutter Challenge’ I had no idea how transformatory and life changing the effects would be for me, my family and our home. At the time, I felt completely overwhelmed. This simple program taught me the skills I needed to get on top of things once and for all. Each week I felt a sense of accomplishment as the little milestones were checked off. However, the real benefits are long-lasting and have gone way beyond Christmas!

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