Leave the void empty sometimes

Today I don’t want to give you any answers. Instead I want to ask you some questions.

I had a discussion yesterday with a wonderful and insightful friend. We talked about why we have this innate need to fill our emotional voids with ‘stuff’, from clothes and shoes to chocolate or mindless pursuits such as TV.

So I want to ask you – what voids are you filling? What are you filling them with? Is this void-filling having the negative effect of filling your home up with things you don’t need, use or love?

Are you looking for instant gratification and sacrificing long-term happiness?  Are you afraid of empty spaces in your life? Why is that? Wouldn’t it be lovely to embrace emptiness sometimes? Accept it as a truth and let it be?

Why are those voids there? What created them? Are they good voids or bad?

Mull it over, you may find a truth in there that will help you move forward.