Mick Mezzino – Adelaide’s Home Downsizing and Home Clearance Specialist

After a long-standing corporate career, working for many years in the finance industry in banks and credit unions, a new direction beckoned and the decision was made in 2012 to join Rebecca and expand Clear Space.

Just prior to this, I was the CEO of a national membership company whose purpose was to advocate and provide services for older Australians.  It was during this time I became clearly aware of the needs that older people face and that sometimes they are not treated with respect and, worse, are often taken advantage of.  

During the first months with Clear Space, I discovered that there was no business in Adelaide dedicated to providing a full service offer for people wanting to downsize from a large home to a smaller, more manageable one.  Nor providing home and estate clearance services. And so, Clear Space’s Home Downsizing & Estate Clearance services were established.

Logistics is what I’m good at which is very helpful when planning & managing both small and large downsizing and home clearance projects, be they in metropolitan Adelaide or regional South Australia.

Most often, where to start is the biggest challenge along with finding the time.  And it’s not just the ‘what to do’ but importantly, ‘what not to do’.  As you explore the website, you’ll get lots of information to make the task as quick, cost effective and stress-free as possible.

Being such a unique service and having a genuine focus on the needs of the client and not just their belongings, Clear Space has become the preferred service provider with a number of Adelaide’s well-known real estate agents, law firms and retirement villages.

Many people and families have used Clear Space several times over many years – starting with managing a downsize, followed by helping with the move into assisted living, then high care and finally, being asked to clear their final home. That’s why so many people provide referrals.

I like to build strong relationships and have had great success with that throughout my career.

So what ever you situation or objective, I can will help remove the stress and anything else that needs to go.

Using a non-judgmental approach, I’ll help with the emotional and physical effort by working side-by-side with you throughout.

I have been a Justice of the Peace since 1993 and have a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance and Marketing) and a Diploma of Management.

Outside of work, AFL is my passion and volunteer my time as a coach of a local football club, watch Port Adelaide play every week in rain, hail or shine.  Being in the ocean or a swimming pool whenever I can and Australian music and films are also keen interests.

Call Mick today on 0404 361 386 to discuss your particular needs or complete the online form.