Is Rebecca the organiser for me?

* you feel quite anxious about having an organiser come in to help
* you have any mental health issues
* you want to learn why you have the relationship with your stuff that you have and how to make it a helpful one
* you’re completely overwhelmed
* you want to learn how to set up systems that suit your unique personality;
Then yes, she is!

* you’re pretty organised but looking to have it all look really beautiful
* you want someone to organise for you rather than with you
* you have no trouble letting go or organising the space, you just don’t have the time;
Then you can give Rebecca a call and she’ll recommend an organiser to suit your needs.

What if I’m too embarrassed for you to see my mess?

This is the most common issue that stops people from calling us; they’re embarrassed about the clutter in their home or office. Well, please believe that nothing will shock us, and we are not your judge and jury – we are on your side and we’re there to help you.

Almost every client we’ve had has hidden their face in shame and asked “Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?” and the answer is a resounding “NO!” because firstly, there is no ‘bad’ or ‘worst’, there’s just a situation. Secondly, we’ve seen it all – nothing can faze us. Not to mention that Rebecca was not born organised, so if she hasn’t seen it in a client’s home already she probably did it herself so would be the last person to judge you! Finally, we work under a strict confidentiality agreement – no one will know anything about your home or your situation. No one will even know you’re a client of ours unless you tell them yourself.

So it’s normal to be embarrassed; just remember that we’re professionals and are there to help, not judge. We won’t raise our eyebrows, or laugh (although it will be our goal to get you laughing by the end of the project!) or have any judgment at all.

If you’re still not convinced, just give us a call and say your name is Clarry Clutter and we’ll tell you some stories about other clients the same as you and how happy they were when they finally called!

What cities/areas do you service?

Typically we service the greater Adelaide area – with small travel charges applying for especially long distances from the CBD.

That all said, we are happy to organise anywhere in Australia! Just contact us to find out the costs specific to your location.

Will you make me throw away all my things?

No way!! We are not the bosses of your stuff! A good Professional Organiser will guide you in how to make decisions that are best for you – and help you realise what you really need for your most fabulous life. If you want to keep absolutely everything that’s not ideal, but it’s fine – we’ll then just help you organise it all so you have control of it and not the other way around. We ask the tough questions (after all, that’s what we’re there for!), but don’t make you do anything you don’t want to.

I have a family member whose hoarding has reached hazardous levels – will you come and help me throw out their stuff?

Again, NO!! It’s very dangerous to touch things belonging to a person who hoards. Please don’t throw away their stuff (even if it appears to you to be worthless), they most likely have strong emotional attachment to it all and it would be disastrous if you did that. They need to do this themselves, with your support. Encourage them to speak to a psychologist about their hoarding behaviours – they need to resolve the issues that cause them to hoard before they are ready to let go of anything. If they’re getting help with the cause, and they want to then seek help reducing their stuff, then yes, we’ll come and help then.

Compulsive Hoarding is a recognised psychological disorder and is notoriously difficult to treat and recover from. You’ll need to be very patient.

Feel free to contact Rebecca to chat about the loved on in your family who hoards; she knows a lot about it and she can personally refer you to psychologists, books and other resources to help you understand the condition and hopefully help your loved ones overcome it.

Do you do initial consultations to assess the situation before you actually start?

Not as a general rule, no; in most cases we’ve found them to be a waste of your time. We ask as many questions as we can before your appointment, then when we come we’re ready to get to work immediately. We’ve been doing this long enough to be able to get all the information we need from you before we start. You save time and money that way! But of course if you want us to do an assessment consultation, or if it’s a particularly big job, we’re happy to oblige.

Business and corporate clients do require an assessment meeting before commencing work.

I reckon I could do this myself – why should I get a Professional Organiser?

Sure, if you can do it yourself, then do it! But if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve got something you’ve been putting off resolving. There are reasons why you haven’t done it already! You probably feel overwhelmed and lack motivation and time, and have no idea where to start. We’ve done this heaps; we know where to start, we know the tricks to make it happen faster. Very importantly, we are your motivation to do it! We’ll be on your doorstep ready to go with two (or more) extra hands to do it all – what greater motivation do you need than that?!

What can I expect from my consultation?

It all revolves around you. Firstly, we ask all the right questions to find out what’s bothering you the most, and what’s causing the bottleneck of clutter or tasks (that might be different to what you think is causing it!).

Then we chat to you about all the options and decide on a plan of attack. Finally, we roll up our sleeves and do it! During the ‘doing’ part, you’ll be taught what we’re doing and why so that you can apply it yourself when we leave.

Do I need to be present for the organising session?

Preferably, yes – after all, it’s your stuff we’re sorting through! And we are coaches, the aim is to transfer knowledge to you, not just tidy up for you. If we did that it would be cluttered up again in no time. So a huge part of each session is talking, getting to the root of the problems, getting to know your personality and designing systems that suit you perfectly.

However, there are certain situations where we can work alone for certain stretches of time. So as long as you’re readily available if we need a decision made, you can decide how involved in the hands-on work you wish to be. Bear in mind that the more you are involved, the better the system will work for you in the long term, and the more value for your investment. Also, Rebecca hates working alone – she loves the company. If you want an organiser to just come and “do it” then she’ll probably recommend someone else.

How long does it take?

This is VERY difficult to estimate, so we won’t try. Our packages are designed based on time, so each package has an approximate or fixed duration. We do as much as we can in the time we have. For the majority of organising projects, how long it takes (ie, how many sessions) actually depends on how much you can afford to spend on the project.

The beauty of the way we work is that we don’t decide on the minimum time we spend on a project (within reason!). If you have an office that is floor-to-ceiling filled with boxes of paperwork, you could be looking at loads of hours of organising. Now, if you can afford all of it; great. If you can’t, we’ll still have a go at it. We’ll set up the system, begin the sorting and storage, and teach you along the way. Then when we have to leave, you’re all set up with the skills, tools and motivation to finish the project yourself.

Do you quote?

For organising and decluttering, no, for the same reasons outlined above – and it’s extremely hard to gauge how long a project will take until you’re in the middle of it.

For downsizing and estate clearances, yes, we sure do! In the Adelaide metropolitan area, we will provide a free assessment visit and quote.

Do Professional Organisers have accreditation or certification?

Rebecca is a board member of the Institute of Professional Organisers, and also a member of The Institute of Learning Professionals and The Institute for Challenging Disoganization.

Rebecca also holds a Business degree in Management Information Systems and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

If you’re shopping around, be wary of ‘cheaper imitations’. This industry has low barriers to entry which means that lots of people who need a job and like lining things up in straight lines give it a shot. These people may not be trained, and may not have the experience to deal with the emotional minefield that decluttering can be for clients. Ask lots of questions; ask them how they’d try to cure Compulsive Hoarder (hint: they shouldn’t!), or how to know Hoarding Disorder from a chronically disorganised person, how they deal with complex family situations, how they typically help clients make decisions, what they would do if you have an anxiety attack during the session, what well-known systems they know and recommend, how many years they’ve been organising real clients with real problems (not just their family and friends). An experienced organiser knows all this and will answer with confidence. They are worth the investment.

How long do I need to wait for a consultation?

This one is hard to answer, because it depends on how big your project is, and how busy we are at the time. It’s usually not very long – a couple of weeks at the most usually. Sometimes we’re available at short notice if we aren’t fully booked. Your best bet is to give us a call as soon as you know when you want to book us and we’ll bend over backwards to meet your needs.

We also consult on evenings and weekends to reduce the waiting time.

I want to get organised during school holidays – is it a problem if my kids are home during the consultation?

Nope, not a problem for us at all (we have kids – we’re used to them!). However, they do offer distractions for you, which would definitely extend the length of the project and cost you more. But that’s the only concern we’d point out to you. If we’re doing their bedrooms or the living areas it’s actually great to have them around so they can get involved and be invested in the project (then they’re more likely to maintain it!).

I can’t afford to get you in to help me, but my whole home is a disaster – what are my options?

If you can’t afford an entire organising project, then we can just do a short consultation that will teach you the techniques involved to get started on the project yourself. We’ll provide you with recommendations for our favourite books and other resources to help you along, as well as go through your home and give you ideas and a plan of action.

If you can afford enough to do one room at a time, then we can do that. Don’t think that because you can’t afford the whole house to be done, you shouldn’t even bother. A small step is infinitely better than no step at all. And remember that you’ll be learning along the way how to apply the techniques to the rest of your home.

Can you come to my workplace and help me with my office?

Sure, so long as your management is okay with it – not a problem! We can clear the paper clutter, or work with your time management, procrastination or goal-setting struggles – whatever you need help with.

Can you come to my business and help me with my employees?

Absolutely! We can work one-on-one with employees or run workshops, it all depends on your staff’s requirements and challenges. Please visit our Workshops page for more information on Rebecca’s speaking and training services.

Are all Professional Organisers really perfect and obsessive about having everything all spotless and clean?

No, not at all! Although some Professional Organisers were born with a label-maker in one hand and a ziplock bag in the other, it’s not always the case.

There is a myth that clean (or minimalist, or perfect) and organised are the same things – not true! From a personal perspective, I (Rebecca) have two teenagers, two rabbits, a dog, a busy husband and we run our own business; our house certainly isn’t always (ever?) spotlessly clean. But yes, I do know where everything belongs, as does the rest of the family. It makes tidying up so much faster that way, as well as faster to find things, of course. But I’m also forgetful, untidy and vague a lot, too. I’m very normal!