Whilst it's possible give an estimate over the phone, a visit to the home is necessary to provide a fixed cost quote.  That's because each home is different in terms of the volume of small & large items that needs to be cleared and what sort of items are in there. It may be a two story home or upstairs in a block of apartments and may have lots of hazardous materials or bulky items.  Any specific specific requests also need to be considered. 

A quote is submitted by email within 24 hours of visiting the home.

  1. Call (0404 362 386) or email Clear Space to set the scene
  2. All stakeholders visit the property to explain the scope and timings
  3. Within 24 hours, a fixed quote is emailed
  4. Upon approval and an agreed start date together with paying of a deposit, the project begins. Access to the home via a set of keys is provided.
  5. Unwanted items are sorted – sell, donate, recycle, hazardous & waste – and then distributed
  6. Wanted items distributed, if required.
  7. Updates are provided throughout
  8. Project is closed and keys returned
  9. A detailed report is sent to the client detailing what became of all the unwanted items and any other relevant information
  10. Final Invoice for remaining balance sent

Smaller homes, such as two bedroom flats or retirement living units can be cleared within 5 business days of being able to start.

Larger homes (3-4 bedrooms) or those with a very high volume of items typically will be cleared between 10 - 15 business days of being able to start.  We are not in the home for everyday of that time frame but it allows us to work at other jobs we have and meet the delivery schedules of charity drop off points and the auction house.

Though we are based in Adelaide, Clear Space can service all of regional South Australia. It just needs some more time and resource planning before we start.

In 2023, we have cleared homes in Maitland, Victor Harbor, Mt. Gambier, Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend.

All unwanted items in the home are sorted and distributed using the following priorities:

  1. Sell - with the full proceeds being paid directly in to your nominated bank account 
  2. Donate - we like to donate as many items as possible
  3. Recycle - metal, x-rays, paper & cardboard etc
  4. Hazardous materials - disposed of according to EPA laws
  5. Waste - is taking to a transfer station

We can also arrange the secure shredding of important, financial, identifying and personal paperwork.

No.  All fixed price quotes are provided free of charge.

For homes in metropolitan Adelaide, we visit the home in person with all key stakeholders.  For those further away or in regional South Australia, we’ll set up a video call.

After this, we’ll email a detailed quote within 24 hours.

There is no need for you to be in attendance, but you can choose to.

Often it is better if you’re not because it can get emotional when items start to leave the home and you may start to have second thoughts and want to keep more than you should.

It doesn’t matter, we can still help.

During Covid, many people couldn’t attend a property to be cleared so with the use of video or Zoom calls, we able to 'meet them', explain how we work, understand the scope of the work, timings, which items were wanted & unwanted and then complete the project.  We continue to use this process today.

We haven't come across it yet!

With careful planning and the correct resources and management, Clear Space can remove any unwanted items.  Cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes and heavy industrial, printing & manufacturing equipment.

This is a natural and common response.

It can be hard letting go.  Giving yourself, and any other key people, enough time to sort through the home is needed. But taking too long can delay getting a home sold or rented.

If you really struggle letting go, it may be worthwhile getting some help.  Rebecca Mezzino, who started Clear Space in 2006, is a professional declutter coach who can provide the ideas, strategies and the confidence to let go.

Especially for very cluttered homes, this can be a problem.

Older people, and those with dementia, often have hidden items not known to the family.

All you need to do is give us a list of the specific item/s or category of item/s and as are sorting through everything, we’ll set these items aside for you as we find them.

Some of the best outcomes is also the sentimental or significant items we unexpectedly  find that get returned – war medals, family history, Wills, authored books, financial paperwork, personal letters, family history and property titles are just some examples.

Yes. We know how real estate agents what a home to be presented for open inspections.

If there are any specific instructions or the need to work with a stylist, we include that in our planning.

We will need a set of keys (and any alarm codes) during the project, this allows us to come and go with flexibility.

These may be handed over before starting, held in a key safe or be obtained from a real estate agent, lawyer or similar.  After finishing, we return the keys.

Focus your time on finding the items you want to keep, remove them then literally, close the door and walk out leaving everything in situ.  Ignore the unwanted items.

Don’t throw anything out despite what condition or value you perceive.

Don’t move items about or group them and definitely don’t start filling up boxes.  We will have to empty them all out again to see what’s in there.

When starting to sort through the items to decide what is wanted, just focus on the items you want to keep. For example, you’ve opened up the buffet unit that’s chock full of all sorts of items.  Just remove what you want, ignore the rest, then close the doors and move on to the next area.

We definitely don’t recommend having a garage sale, why? You’ll have all sorts of people at your the home, many that can’t be trusted. And how will you know they’ll offer a fair price for an item?  They take a long time to set up, and it rains or very hot and no one comes!  And you'll likely be left with lots of items that you'll have to deal with.

Having been clearing homes since 2013, we know if an item has value. And that auction houses are the most efficient and transparent way to sell them.

These are registered businesses where all sorts of items can end up being sold. 

For more details, click here.

Yes, and have clear Police checks.

Formal Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance up to $20 million is held.

If you go to the home page, you’ll read some of our most recent testimonials.

Should you wish to speak with a previous client, it can be arranged.

When we clear a home, if an item isn’t sellable, our preference is to not throw it away or send it to land fill.  And this is always what our clients prefer. 

But donating items is often one of the complicated components of what we do. The major charities, quite rightly, have become quite discerning in what they’ll accept.

Having been clearing homes for over 10 years, Clear Space has built up a large network of options to donate items to charities – both those well known and often others that have little public awareness or might be overseas.

For more details, click here.

No. We can clear any amount or sort of items you need gone.  That may be just the contents of a shed or the main furniture pieces that were left in the home for open inspections.