Kid Stuff – organise their stuff and teach them to keep it that way!

When: Back to Calendar July 1, 2012 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Where: Kensington Gardens SA 5068
Cost: $55
Contact: Rebecca Mezzino
0414 484824
Categories: Children
Tags: children home household kids toys

Kids come with stuff.  Toys, artwork, sports equipment, clothes and other (sometimes unidentifable!) paraphernalia.  And it’s very often spread all over the house!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage it so that they could keep it tidy themselves? So they could find their own socks, clean up their own desk and remember to do their teeth without you nagging? It IS possible!

This workshop covers:

* How to declutter and organise kid-related stuff (including storage ideas and solutions)
* How to teach them to keep it organised
* How to teach them to manage their time so you don’t have to
* How to make it all as fun as possible

Scheduled for the start of school holidays so that you can use the time off school to get you and the kids sorted before school starts again!

Investment is $55 for the 3-hour workshop and payable via Direct Credit (bank transfer).

Bookings can be made by calling Rebecca on 0414 484824 or emailing You can also calll for more detail on the workshop before booking.

Restricted to 8 attendees so that I can ensure you get the answers your all of your questions and we get to the heart of YOUR problem and YOUR solution.



  1. This looks fantastic but the time is rather difficult for me. I’d need to finish at 4pm. Will you be running it again at any different times? Thankyou

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