All Organised at Home

Everyone can benefit from being more organised.

We deliver a series of workshops that teach people to become more organised organised and in control of their time, tasks, space, belongings and life.ducks in a row

These are for personal development, focus on home life and builds on the participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence, especially those with a family and a busy lifestyle.

We often deliver these in partnership with community centres and libraries.

The workshops are interactive, motivating, fun and informative presentations that reveal simple, effective and ready to use tips and techniques – for instant results.

The two hours workshops topics include:

  • From Mess to Lessdeclutter your space, mind and home
  • The Organised Family – no more chaos
  • Organising Household Paperworkno more piles
  • Conquering Kids Cluttera home for everything
  • Back to Schooleveryone’s ready
  • Downsizing Your Homeremove the stress

They also make a great addition to an organisation’s personal development program as they have flow on benefits in the work environment – if staff can get to work with less stress and concerns in their home life, then they will be more relaxed and productive at work.

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