Celebrate your achievements

All ready for the RSPCA

When I went to see my client yesterday, we started off as we usually do, chatting about what he’d achieved in the fortnight since I’d last been.

He was disappointed in himself, and complained that he hadn’t achieved anything. He had been too busy working (he works shift work).

Then through more probing on my part I discovered that he had cleared out a great deal of his bedroom and there was a big expanse of carpet on display (yay! I did a little dance in it to show him how big it was). He had also delivered a load of old towels and sheets to the RSPCA, and decluttered and cleaned his bathroom.

Now, for someone who is a hoarder and is crippled by procrastination, that is a LOT achieved!

I told him so, and he agreed. So the lesson here is don’t be too hard on yourself. Any progress is a step forward.

Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements, or at least NOTICE them!

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  1. Cheryl Spear says:

    Just like to share a method I use to clear space. If something happened to me
    & family had to sort my stuff, what would I not want them to be dealing with.
    If I couldn’t keep something in a useful, respectable condition then I shouldn’t
    expect anybody else to do it. I’m nearly 60. Things are less important. It’s the
    people I know & love who are important.
    Cheryl Spear

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