Clearing Homes in Regional South Australia

In 2023, Clear Space has cleared homes in Mt Gambier, Maitland, Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend, because there is no provider of home clearance services in any regional South Australian location.

The process is still the same in that we initially sort everything in to the following priorities – sell, donate, recycle then dispose.

Because there are no auction houses in regional towns, items are loaded on to a truck and brought back to Adelaide for selling and returning the proceeds to the client.

For donating items, there are still the mainstream op-shops, but they often can be limited in the volume and types of items they’ll accept. But I have found there is a real community and giving focus in these towns and exist many other options.

In Murray Bridge, I have engaged twice with volunteers Beck and Trev from the Brinkley Reuse Centre, where “everything old is new again”.

At this re-purposing and re-homing oasis, items otherwise destined for landfill are diverted and given a new lease on life, creating benefits for the environment and the community.

This load included wardrobes, bookshelves, electrical items, garden equipment and a lot of general bric-a-brac.

Great work and thank you Beck and Trev.

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