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Collections – Need Time, Care & Expert Advice

Collections – Need Time, Care & Expert Advice

One of the things I most enjoy when helping clear a home for a family is the unique, interesting and often valuable items I come across.  And being trusted with them.

Currently, I’m helping a family whose father had a fantastic collection of genuine and correctly acquired aboriginal art and artefacts from the Ampilatwatja region, 3 Bore community, Utopia community and the Hermannsburg school of water colours.  In total, there would be over 100 items including small and large art, rock paintings and canvasses measuring 4 square metres.

In addition, the collection included fine art from Australian artists Pro Hart “Clean Up Day” & “Grass Hoppers” and Frank Harding “Outback“.

A secure and considered approach has been necessary to treat this collection how it deserves.  I’ve called upon experts within my network to assist this process given the sensitivity of the items and the significant, total expected value.

Coin, stamp, jewellery, watch, porcelain and wine collections also need to be treated in the same way.

So it’s important to hand over the clearing an estate to a business that can be trusted and is bona fide.