Presentations and Workshops

Clear Space delivers workshops, most often for no charge, in partnership with many Libraries, Businesses, Networking Groups, Organisations and Community Centres around Australia.

The two main topics are:

  1. Downsizing Your Home
    Ranging from a short presentation over lunch to a full, 90 minute workshop, this is designed for people who will be or are considering downsizing their home and need information and guidance.  They complement retirement village open days.

    They are interactive, motivating, fun and informative that reveal simple, effective and ready to use tips and techniques – for instant results.

    Subjects covered include – how to declutter & say goodbye to a lifetime of belongings, deciding what to take to your new home, how best to use the available space in your new home and how to sell, donate, recycle & dispose of unwanted items.

  2. Clearing a Home or Deceased Estate
    Clearing a deceased or living estate is stressful, emotional and physically demanding.

    For many people, the task of dealing with a lifetime of memories, personal treasures, furniture, paperwork and belongings is overwhelming.

    If you are faced with this situation, what do you do with everything?  Where do you start, how will your find the time & energy and who will help you?

    These presentations will outline information on how to sort and distribute the unwanted items and importantly, give a step by step practical approach so you don’t become physically and emotionally overwhelmed.

To seek more information call Mick on 0404361386.

Rebecca Mezzino also delivers presentations and workshops covering a wide variety of topics to help get you life and stuff organised and under control.