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Clear Space delivers online workshops both independently and in partnership with many Libraries, Businesses, Networking Groups, Organisations and Community Centres around Australia.

Topics include:

Building an Intentional Wardrobe
How to have a wardrobe full of all of your favourite clothes! Using the guiding principles of simplicity, quality over quantity, capsule workshop concepts, intentional shopping and letting go, you can have a simple, ethical and quality wardrobe that provides great value to your life.

The 5 Habits of Uncluttered People
How is it that some people aren’t suffocated by their stuff? Why don’t they have piles? Why don’t they spend a lot of time looking for belongings? How is their life so simple?Learn from the lifestyle choices of the uncluttered and perhaps make some changes that will simplify your life as well.

Mess to Less
Reclaim your home by understanding the relationship we have with our belongings. This workshop helps you identify what clutter is, how it affects us and why we find it so difficult to deal with. You’ll learn how to overcome the many emotional obstacles we face when decluttering, as well as the logistical issues, so you can turn your house into your haven!

The Organised Family
Learn how to keep your family life from descending into chaos! Tips on menu planning, reducing clutter, teaching children organising skills, scheduling, reducing housework and organising household paperwork.

Organising Household Paperwork
If you’re sick of piles of paperwork all over the kitchen counter and dining table, tired of losing bills and school notices, and fed up with the boxes of unsorted paperwork stashed in various parts of the home, this workshop is for you.

Back to School
Get your home and family organised and ready to face the new school year. Creating habits, managing paperwork and teaching kids organising skills will get you off to a great start!

Analogue planning for the paper lovers. Learn how to use one journal to help you record your past, plan your future and organise your present. Learn about all the different types of journaling like Bullet Journaling™, gratitude journaling, habit tracking, planning and scheduling, travel journaling and find out the best method that suits you.