Home and Estate Clearances

A family member needing to clear a deceased or living estate is a stressful, emotional and physically demanding time for all involved.

If you are faced with this situation, what do you do with the home and more importantly everything in it?  Where do you start, how will your find the time and energy and who will help?

For many people, the task of dealing with a lifetime of memories, personal treasures, furniture and belongings is overwhelming.

Who do you trust to take care of everything if you’re not in a position emotionally, physically or because you live some distance away?

In all these situations, Clear Space can help with each and every step involved.  We take pride in ensuring that the estate is managed professionally and with full transparency.  You can trust Clear Space because when you give us the keys, we’ll treat the home and its belongings as if they were our own.

We provide a sensitive, compassionate & understanding service and the emotional & physical support to make the task as quick, cost effective and pain-free as possible.

The home will be cleared, organised, cleaned and left ready to sell or rent.  We can also help with finding homes for pets.

Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with whole house clearances,  police checked, fully insured and follow strict security procedures.

Free quotations are prepared on site.

Help is only a phone call away.

Call Mick on 0404 361 386 or send an email to mick@clearspace.net.au to discuss your particular needs.

How Do We Work?

The first step is to understand your particular circumstances, the work to be undertaken and any specific requests & needs.

Then, with your approval, we’ll visit the property in order to best assess how the work will be undertaken and to provide a written report and quote.  This will include a series of recommendations of those items to be relocated, stored, sold at auction or disposed of, all in accordance with your direction or the needs of the estate.

Once you are comfortable with using Clear Space, the work begins with two options to choose from.

We can work by your side throughout to give you the motivation, emotional support and physical help to identify, sort and distribute the items.  Or, we can complete the entire job without your hands-on involvement.  Throughout, you’ll be kept informed of the progress.  Importantly, the property and contents will be protected at all times.

And at your request, all the practical services can also be arranged – rubbish removal, minor repairs, cleaning, gardening, storage, renting or selling the home and anything else thing that is needed.

Finally, a report is provided detailing the outcomes of the work completed.  This includes a comprehensive check list as proof and accountability of our work, to advise what became of each item and any inventory, resources and third-party services used.

You’ll receive prompt payment of proceeds for items sold at auction.

What Happens With All The Home’s Belongings?

At all times following your instructions, we:

  • pack and deliver items to beneficiaries, whether they are local, interstate or overseas
  • take the time to locate and sort all personal effects, photographs, letters, papers and memorabilia that are so important to the family
  • suggest ways that you can keep items of importance and sentiment
  • store any goods pending distribution
  • pack and transport goods for auction
  • donate to charity, not required but usable goods
  • inventory all possessions and record the disbursement so you can account to any beneficiaries
  • dispose of any rubbish
  • interim manage the property including arranging access for trades people and beneficiaries

We have partnerships with reputable Appraisers and Auction Houses to ensure all items of value are identified and you receive maximum value for them.

Let Clear Space help remove the stress and worry – and anything else that needs to go.  

Call Mick today on 0404 361 386,  send an email or fill in the enquiry form below to discuss your particular needs. [gravityform id=”1″ name=”Contact Form”]