The role of an Executor can be complex, costly and time consuming.

In providing Estate Clearance services, Clear Space works closely with individual clients as well those nominated as the Executors of the estate including Solicitors, Administrators & Trustees and those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney.

We can assist in establishing a complete picture of the deceased’s financial position, as at date of death, including the type of ownership of liabilities and assets that is, sole, joint or tenants in common.

We’ll help locate the Will, that if goes unfound, means the estate will be distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy, which provide a particular order of payment.

Clear Space will also identify any paperwork needed to determine the assets of the deceased including:

  • insurance policies
  • bank accounts
  • superannuation funds
  • share holdings
  • creditors
  • physical assets
  • vehicles, and
  • Certificates of Title.

This is critical information required to enable the granting of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Likewise, we can ascertain all debts, loans and liabilities.

We also often uncover unexpected items of value in the home.

As the home is organised and sorted, all the evidence and documentation is classified, filed and presented to the Executor/Administrator.

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