Hoarding and Squalor Training



Registrations open now for the online workshop “Helping People Who Hoard” on July the 6th. 



Awareness, Support and Intervention

One of the specialist services Clear Space provides is consulting to organisations and agencies needing information, guidance, advice and strategies for their staff that work with clients who hoard or are living in squalor.

As Adelaide’s most experienced and accredited Professional Organiser, Rebecca has a lot of experience not only helping individuals who are hoarding, but also working with people that have a supportive working relationship with clients who hoard or are presenting hoarding tendencies.  This includes Support Workers, Case Workers, Occupational Therapists, Aged Care Assessment Teams, Psychologists, Government Agencies, Doctors, Animal Protection Authorities and anyone that may come in contact with a person who hoards in the course of their working day such as cleaners and landlords.

Our aim is to improve the effectiveness of work between the worker and client, resulting in improved health and quality of life for the individual.

Via One-On-One Coaching or group workshops, the training provides client-focused outcomes as well as awareness, support and intervention advice for those working directly with clients.   

Our Hoarding and Living in Squalor Training is designed to raise the awareness of hoarding and the devastating impact it can have on the individual, family, neighbours and the environment.  

The learning outcomes from the training program include:

  • hoarding defined
  • why people hoard
  • the psychology behind hoarding
  • triggers & signposts
  • dangers & risk minimisation
  • reducing anxiety & stress
  • establishing & maintaining positive and productive relationships
  • tools and techniques in dealing with people who hoard
  • confidence in working in challenging domestic environments

Individual case studies can also be explored and strategies developed. 

Practical exercises and group discussion complements the theory and participants are provided with resources used during the training and for future reference.

Rebecca can also provide One-On-One Coaching for clients in their home, either alone or with the support worker alongside, which delivers additional training for the worker.

Our training is designed to assist your staff to constructively intervene, and improve the situation of people who are hoarding or living in squalor.  

Find out more about our Hoarding and Squalor, Awareness, Support and Intervention training for your staff, contact Rebecca today on 0414 484 824,or send an email.