How many “tabs” do you have open in your life?

You know when you’re working on your PC and you have a browser open, and you keep jumping from one thing to another without finishing? You end up with lots of browser tabs open, don’t you?

It gets cluttered, confusing, you miss where you were up to on things and you don’t actually finish anything properly.

Well your life is very much like an internet browser. When we juggle too many things we also miss stuff, feel lost and overwhelmed and don’t finish anything.

How many “tabs” do you have open in your life? What can you close?

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  1. Shirley Nyikos says:

    Hi Rebecca
    Great reading and a kick up my … to declutter, my “stuff”.
    I’m sure there’s pixie come in and dishevel my “stuff”.
    Love having met you. So glad you were able
    to help me.! Have a wonderful trip. Shirley ????

    • LOL – yes there’s always a pixie to blame for something. For me it’s the dust pixie. I sweep, and two minutes later there’s dust and bits all over the floor again. AARGH!

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