“No-Brainers” declutter list

When I’m with clients, I’m always on the lookout for what I call “No-Brainers”. The things that should be culled (recycled, donated, sold or trashed) without thinking about it.

Without negotiating with yourself, and without worrying about it, they can go.

Here’s my top 10:

  1. Clothes you wouldn’t wear in public
  2. Things you didn’t know you had and don’t know how you got them
  3. Things you have to google to figure out what it is
  4. Cords and cables from long-gone devices and appliances
  5. Odd (that have been odd for aaages) socks
  6. Broken, damaged, soiled things
  7. Things you’ve kept to “upcycle” or “do up” when you “have time”
  8. Expired food, toiletries, chemical, medicines, sunscreen, vouchers, coupons, tickets etc
  9. Things that belong to other people. You’re not a storage facility!
  10. Old magazines and newspapers. They recycle the stories anyway – you’re not missing anything.

Do you have any No-Brainers you’d like to add to the list?




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  1. How about “things that are/were associated with a bad relationship”? or “things given to you by people you never got on with”?

    I recently removed a horrible wardrobe that my ex husband insisted on having. I never liked it. We divorced 20 years ago. The freedom and peace I experienced was astounding. It was in my bedroom for thirty years.

  2. Kaye Stuchbery says:

    Hi Rebecca, – to your ‘ No Brainers’ list –

    1. CDs, DVDs, Books that you do not listen to, watch or read, that do not ‘do it for you” anymore.
    2. Paints, craft & project items that you have kept from years ago, that you have also lost interest in.

    You know Rebecca, I’d love to do what you do. just wondering and if you don’t mind sharing – How did you get into this line of work? What kinds of training have you done to get where you are now?

    Kaye Stuchbery

    • Kaye I just decided one day that I wanted to do it so I did! These days there’s lots of training and mentors around to help you out. I do lots of study now because I’m specialising in chronic disorganisation and hoarding. Start with http://www.aapo.org.au đŸ™‚

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