Home Organising

Professional decluttering and organising

We can help you get control over your belongings and fall in love with your home all over again. We roll up our sleeves and help you make decisions, physically sort items, and develop storage solutions for them.

We can also provide advice on how to maintain your systems using routines and habits.

You will have a space that you feel happy in, and the knowledge and skills to keep it that way!

We can work 2 ways:

Assessment and Recommendations Session

This is a theory-based session of around 2hrs that involves analysis of the issues, a walkthrough of the home, recommendations and a plan of action. It’s the most affordable option and suits those that are motivated and able to do the physical work themselves once they know what it is they need to do.

Hands-on Organising Sessions

This is when we do a plan and then get stuck into implementing it. These sessions are usually 3-4 hours long. These are the best sessions for people who don’t think they’ll do the work by themselves, or are physically restricted, or feel that they need the emotional support during the process.

Contact us if you’d like more details.

Household paperwork solution

You don’t need to put up with paperwork strewn all over your living areas, on your kitchen bench, dining table and any other horizontal surface it can find! You don’t need to pay bills late, lose notices or forget to send forms back to school on time.

We can set up a system for you so that you have perfect control over your household paperwork.  How invigorating will that be?

Or if you prefer, you can give it a try by yourself!

Contact us if you’d like more details.