Work Place Organising

Clear Space  works with companies to help their people get organised in their work environments, be it corporate or home-based.  We specialise in helping people “set their work-spaces up for success” – by assisting them to become more organised and as a result, improve their efficiency and productivity.

We help people avoid wasting time & mental energy in a disorganised work place. and do this by providing practical advice and emotional support on:

  • office layout & design
  • optimising the use of space
  • creating more storage
  • ideas to save time sorting & organising electronic files
  • eliminating paper piles
  • creating functional workflow systems
  • managing all types of information
  • culling & archiving
  • developing efficient work habits

We teach people the skills and provide them with the practical solutions and tools, and the confidence and motivation to stay that way.  We do this via One-On-One Coaching, Group Training and Public Speaking.

The ‘Organised at Work’ workshops teach people how to avoid wasting time and effort in a disorganised work environment.  Ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, participants will improve their level of organisation, learn how to stay in control, manage multiple tasks, cull and archive, manage paperwork, optimise their work space and deal with procrastination. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in output and productivity.

We allow people to spend more time on what they should be doing, rather than wasting time and effort in an disorganised work environment.

Productivity coaching (The Office Personal Trainer!)

If you’re overwhelmed at work, we have programs available to help you get back on top of things again. We’ll review your systems, set up new ones (or improve existing ones) for paper, email and tasks, then provide some support and accountability over time to help develop those habits.

In session one, we set up systems. In sessions 2-6, we monitor and maintain systems, establish habits and get productive!  At the end of the program you’ll have more time, a clearer desk and a clearer mind. You’ll be getting more done and experiencing less stress.

We can conduct the sessions either weekly or fortnightly, depending on your circumstances.

You can also continue with the sessions after the program has completed – some people find it invaluable to have an ‘office personal trainer’ visit every week to keep them motivated, organised and productive.

1:1 WorkshopsCorporate 1:1 Workspace Reorganisation

If you have staff members that are constantly losing items, forgetting appointments and missing deadlines, or you can’t see them for the piles of paper on their desk (or if you have those problems yourself) – there is definitely something you can do about it.

We can help declutter offices and set up systems to help you and your staff maintain an organised workspace. You will experience a higher level of productivity and less stress.

SOHO Decluttering and Organising

If you don’t enjoy your home office, are drowning in paperwork or can never find anything, we can most certainly help. If you find it hard to manage your tasks or your time, we know the systems that work for your personality.

We love nothing more than helping people in their offices!

We can dig you out of the paper clutter, help you organise your digital files, set up a system for managing your email, and organise your office to leave your head clear for productive and inspiring work!

Organised at Home, Productive at Work

Staff who are more in control of their home life are more efficient at work.

We can help your staff balance the demands in their home life with those at work.

And when they are more calm in control at home, they are  more efficient and productive at work.

Clear Space delivers a number of workshops to help people become more organised at home, including:

  • From Mess to Less – declutter your space, mind and home
  • The Organised Family – no more chaos
  • Organising Household Paperwork – no more piles
  • Conquring Kids Clutter – a home for everything
  • Downsizing Your Home – reduce the stress

Keeping a busy family schedule on track, teaching children and others in the home how to be organised, menu planning, controlling household clutter, reducing paper piles and being able to find what you want when you want it are just some of the topics covered.

The ‘Organised at Home’ series of workshops  make an ideal and unique addition to any organisations staff development and well-being programs.  They will help bring balance to juggling the demands at work and at home.

Contact Mick today on 0404 361 386 to discuss your organisation’s needs.