Virtual Organising

Although we’re happy to travel all over the world to help you, it can get kind of expensive. For those that aren’t diamond heiresses (or for those that live nearby but are a bit shy!), here’s a option for you; virtual sessions.

This is how it works:

  1. You give me a call direct on 0414 484824 and we chat about how many sessions  you might need and what they’ll cost.
  2. Together we book in a series of virtual sessions, either via  Skype or Facetime and I explain how it all works.
  3. You pay for your package and send me some pics of your problem spaces (or a video if you wish)
  4. I’ll analyse the space and prepare for our first session with recommendations and a possible plan of action
  5. We work together during our first session to establish your goals for the sessions and we finalise the plan of action together
  6. In between sessions you work at your plan of action, calling on me via email or text whenever you get stumped or discouraged.
  7. Each subsequent session involves a recap of last session, a review of what has taken place since the last session (ie, how you went with your ‘homework’!) and working through any issues, before we continue working on achieving those goals.

You have it in you, you just need a helping hand. Or voice, as it is.

Call now on 0414 48 4824 or email me to get started