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Retirement Village Managers​

ClearSpace, based in Adelaide, stands out as the first business to offer a comprehensive home downsizing service, going beyond mere planning and management to provide ongoing support and hands-on assistance throughout the move.  

The company addresses common challenges individuals face when deciding to move from their family homes, such as the lack of knowledge on where to start, physical and emotional constraints, difficulty in decision-making, and the overwhelming task of dealing with a lifetime of possessions.

ClearSpace guides clients through these challenges, offering the confidence needed to proceed with the downsizing decision. Once a deposit for a new home is made, typically allowing a three-month timeframe for the move, the company follows a structured plan. The initial month focuses on preparing the home for sale, the second month involves open inspections and contract arrangements with the agent, and the final month, during the settlement period, is when the majority of the downsizing work occurs.

See how we can help

Make life easier for you

The company’s experience dates back to 2005.

In 2012 it became the preferred service provider for Living Choice Fullarton, a prestigious retirement living complex in Adelaide. Over three years, ClearSpace successfully moved residents into over 110 apartments, building a reputation as a trusted, reliable, and high-quality service provider. Since then, the company has assisted individuals in moving to various retirement villages across Adelaide.

Overcome reluctance to move

ClearSpace offers a valuable service for Village Managers, helping residents overcome reluctance to move by providing comprehensive support and expertise throughout the downsizing process.

Our process

The first stage, typically discussed over the phone, involves setting the scene, explaining any specifics, the project, and timing, and discussing your relationship with the homeowner.

Next, we will schedule a home visit to meet you in person, further uncover requirements, and within 24 hours, email you a written report and quote.​

Home & estate clearances

We guarantee efficient and hassle-free solutions for clearing your property, whether you're downsizing, moving, or dealing with a loved one's estate.

Home downsizing

Using a non-judgmental and systematic approach, we help by working side-by-side with you on one or every aspect of the move.

Retirement village managers

going beyond mere planning and management to provide ongoing support and hands-on assistance throughout the move.

Real estate agents

We specialise in transforming cluttered homes for open inspections, working swiftly with minimal instructions, collaborating seamlessly with stylists if needed.

Solicitors, administrators & executors

We collaborate closely with individual clients and those designated as Executors, such as Solicitors, Administrators and Trustees.

Owner and Professional Organiser Mat Kennedy is a Professional Member

Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) International

The professional industry body that provides a supportive and inclusive network in the organising industry.