Creating a “Not Ours” spot

The Not Ours spot (or box, or basket…). If you don’t have a home for things that don’t belong to you, you need one of these!

Some of the things that can go into it include:

  • library books & books borrowed from friendsbaskets
  • borrowed DVDs
  • salad bowls and platters left after a dinner party
  • hair clips, water bottles, hats or socks etc left over after a playdate

Create a home (it needs to be fairly accessible if frequent-access things like library books will be stored there) and use a basket or tub to contain the items.

Every time you have a visitor, check your box to see if they have anything in there that belongs to them. Likewise if you visit someone – check the box first so you can return their items to them.

Report back when you have created your “home away from home” spot. Feel free to post pics of it so we can celebrate with you!

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  1. Looking for ideas for my daughter in her rental unit attending 2nd year at uni SA. Comes home to the country to work on wknds. Lives in 1 bedroom & shares the remainder of the house with 3 others. Looking for creative ideas for having your entire life organized in 1 bedroom with tight schedules adhered to. Can you point me to any of your past blogs or other sites. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, I don’t really have a ‘living in one room’ article. The key would be to minimise how much stuff she has. The more bookcases the better, too.

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