The “To Donate” spot

It’s a great clutter-controller to have one spot to put things you want to donate.

Find a box that is a fair size (too small and you have to head to the charity place too frequently!) and create a home for it that’s fairly accessible, but not in your high-usage areas. I’d suggest the bottom of a laundry shelf, bottom of the linen closet or in the garage.

Label it “To Be Donated” and teach the family to put anything in there that they no longer need, use or love in there so it can be loved by someone in need.Whenever it gets full, take a quick trip to the nearest charity and drop it off, replacing the box in its spot again to continue the cycle (don’t leave it in the car for 3 months!).

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  1. Ann White says:

    I do this box thing. I have done so for years….. The biggest learning l gained two things 1). Only get boxes that are knee high and 2) reinforce the box with tape.
    Otherwise you have an impressive gratifying motherload thats. plump and full, ready to burst the second you try and lift it.
    And the bigger the box is, no matter how full the box is, we think we can get more in xx

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