What is the Actual Process?

The first step, usually discussed over the phone, is when you’ll set the scene, explain any specific circumstances or requests, describe the project, advise timings and your relationship to the home owner.

Next, we set up an appointment to visit the home so we can meet you in person, further uncover any requirements, have a look around and then within 24 hours, email you a written report and quote.

This meeting will include a series of recommendations for the unwanted items and the keeping & distribution of wanted items if required.

The first bit of advice will be, “don’t throw anything out” despite what condition or value you perceive. Often we have jumped in a skip to retrieve items because it was a saleable item or at the least donatable.

Next, “don’t move items about or group them and definitely don’t start filling up boxes”We will have to empty them all out again to see what’s in there.

When starting to sort through the items to decide what is wanted, “just focus on the items you want to keep”.
Decision making alone is overwhelming, let alone trying to decide what to do with all the unwanted items.

For example, you’ve opened up the buffet unit that’s chock full of English crockery, knick-knacks, collectables, silverware, crystal and all sorts of items.  “Just remove what you want, ignore the rest, then close the doors and move on to the next area”.

We definitely don’t recommend having a garage sale, why? You’ll have all sorts of people, many that can’t be trusted, all over the home, how will you know they’ll offer a fair price for an item. You’ll spend hours setting up and then it rains all day, no one will turn up. And if they do, generally only the better items will be removed and then what will you do with the rest?

Finally, and probably the best advice is: when it’s getting too much or you’re unsure what to do or how to deal with an item or have a problem, say to yourself, “Mick will deal with it”Because that’s what I’ll do.

If you become emotionally exhausted looking through everything, you can ask Clear Space do that work.  Simply tell us to be on the look out for a specific item/s or category of item/s and to set them aside.

Once you are comfortable with using Clear Space, approve the quote and pay a deposit, the work begins.

But before we start, it’s best if remove your unwanted items or clearly set them aside. That way nothing wanted will be removed. Then literally, just walk out and close the door behind you – we’ll take care of the rest.

Our first step is to sort the unwanted items with the following priority – sell, donate, recycle, hazardous and dispose.  As we sort, an inventory list of all unwanted items is compiled.

Importantly, the proceeds from any items sold is returned to the estate via a bank transfer n to an account you nominate.

If you want us to pack and distribute or store wanted items, we’ll talk care of that too.

During the sorting process, should we uncover any (hidden) items, we’ll let you know.  This could be something of financial or sentimental value.

From start to finish, you’ll be kept updated on our progress and report any required variations or issues.

And at your request, all the practical services can also be arranged – minor home repairs, cleaning, gardening, storing or distributing wanted items and anything else thing that is needed.

At the end of the job, you will receive a detailed report detailing the outcomes of the activities completed.  This includes a comprehensive check list as proof and accountability of our work and to advise what became of each item.

Let Clear Space remove the stress and anything else that needs to go!

Call Mick today on 0404 361 386 to discuss your particular needs or complete the online form.

What Becomes of the Unwanted Items?