What is the difference between a Professional Organiser and someone who is highly organised?

A lot of our clients experiment before hiring us – they have friends that are really organised come to their home to help them sort out their stuff. I’m sure it works sometimes, but many of those people end up coming to us because the solution just won’t ‘stick’ – they find they get back to ‘messy’ in no time at all and can’t maintain the freshly organised space.

There are a few differences between a friend or family member who is really organised, and a Professional Organiser:

  1. A PO studies systems for a living. We don’t know just one system or ‘our system’ – we know many. And we know the best situations to apply them.
  2. We’re not intimidated or overwhelmed by the volume of ‘stuff’, nor the size of the project. We have the tools and resources to get the job done, with your dignity well and truly intact.
  3. We do not pass judgement. At all.
  4. We’re objective. This is a high value characteristic. We do not have the weight of emotion holding us down.
  5. We’re there for YOU. We have no hidden agendas. We are the client advocate first and foremost. We’re there with your wellbeing in mind and nothing else.
  6. We organise people, not things. We deal with you and what’s going on in your life. The stuff gets organised as a result of that.
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