Workplace Productivity

Everyone can benefit from being more organised.

Clear Space consults to the business sector to help people become more organised, productive and in control at work.Stress Relax

We can deliver workshops and presentations that teach people to avoid wasting time and effort in a disorganised work environment.

They appeal to and deliver benefits for individuals working in various roles and having differing needs, relationships and day-to-day objectives.

The workshops are interactive, motivating, fun and informative presentations that reveal simple, effective and ready to use tips and techniques – for instant results.

Some businesses we have helped are SA Police, ATO, Applied Innovative Services, Bendigo Bank, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, CFS, Women in Project Management and SASSAOA.

Ranging from two hours to a full day, the topics covered include:

  • What is ‘Being Organised’
  • The Costs of Disorganisation
  • Personality Types and Organisation
    • why it is relevant
    • how personality impacts on your work day and how you relate to others
    • understanding disorganised people
  • Paper Management
    • actionable paperwork and reference paperwork
    • paper flow through the office
    • Inbox management
  • Task Management
    • organising and managing  tasks
    • prioritising effectively
    • multi-tasking
  • Time Management
    • using mind maps to identify and aspire to your goal
    • managing interruptions and distractions
    • saying ‘No’ and prioritising
    • tackling and overcoming procrastination

Often, disorganised people are incorrectly labelled as unfocused and not caring about their work.  But what is not understood about them is the way they think about organising their day and completing  tasks.  The topic ‘Personality Types and Organisation’ not only helps disorganised people better understand why they are like they are, but also help their managers better understand and relate to them.

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We also offer an Office Organisation and 1:1 Productivity Coaching Program.

One-On-One coaching is best for individuals needing help to get back in control.   This is a fully personalised program, with the first step being to understand their background, strengths, challenges, learning styles and specific needs.  This enables personalised solutions and systems to be implemented that complements their space, goals, work environment and most importantly, their personality.

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