Workshops and Training


Community Workshops and Presentations

We run workshops all over Australia on how to get in control of your clutter and simplify your life. Often free to attend, these workshops are run mostly by community centres and libraries. Find out more here.


Workplace Productivity

We can deliver workshops and presentations that teach people to avoid wasting time and effort in a disorganised work environment.

They appeal to and deliver benefits for individuals working in various roles and having differing needs, relationships and day-to-day objectives. Find out more here.


Corporate Speaking and Training

Rebecca specialises in corporate training and speaking, with a broad range of topics all focused on inspiring attendees and giving them practical knowledge to improve their organising skills  – with instant results. Find out more here


33HHelping People Who Hoard

Rebecca can provide training to organisations and agencies needing information, guidance, advice and strategies for their staff that work with clients who hoard or are living in squalor. The training is specifically designed to focus on the client’s wellbeing and the workers’ understanding of their situation.  Find out more here