You’re not alone

I had an amazing night on Friday night speaking to a group of business women in Balaklava, SA. They are an intelligent, hilarious group of girls and many of them commented at the end “I’m so glad it’s not just me!”.

So I decided to write a few things down that I have found to be VERY common, but that everyone is ashamed of doing and think they are the only ones that are ‘slack’, ‘disorganised’, ‘lazy’ etc. You’re not, you’re just normal!

Most people at some stage have:

  • A pile of paper hidden away that they’re too scared to look in
  • Cleaned up in a rush, shoved it all in a shopping bag and hidden it in a spare room
  • Procrastinated despite knowing very well they are procrastinating
  • Cleaned out their car and left the bag of ‘things to bring inside’ at the back door for weeks
  • Been scared to open a drawer for fear of what they might find in it
  • Raced around for 4 hours tidying up for the cleaner
  • Lost something then found it next winter in a coat pocket
  • Kept an unfinished project long after that hobby lost its appeal
  • Kept clothes for when they fit again. One day. Even though they’d go shopping if they got  back in that size anyway.
  • Stared in dismay at a room and thought “I have no idea where to start”

By the way, I have done a few of these things myself (most of them in my pre-organised life admittedly). With the exception of the last one. After all, it’s my job to know where to start ;).

Which ones have you done? Please leave a comment and ‘fess up!!!

And no born-organised Professional Organiser friends of mine are allowed to tell us they haven’t done any of them. We don’t want to know!

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  1. Saleon says:

    I was stunned when I read this list. I have done every one of these things & am still doing most of them. I have overcome keeping clothes that might fit again. If you do ‘grow smaller’ again, you deserve something new. The worst thing I do is procrastinate and yes I know I’m procrastinating! And yes I have one room in particular which I stare at in total dismay as I’m sure it doesn’t belong in my house…I really am glad I am not alone, and the list did give me a smile!

  2. I’m facing the last one right now. I have a friend coming over tonight and the spare room is an utter disgrace. Where to begin?

  3. I’ve done all of them, except raced around for the cleaner…if only!! I’m the worst at leaving bags of gear I’ve cleaned out of the car, lying aroudn forever. And often find it’s all too much, which leads me to staring at the room and wondering where to start! I’m glad we Balaklava women got it all of our chests, and got some inspiration to move past our bad habits!!

  4. Kelly Leach says:

    Cleaning out the car and then hanging onto the collection of stuff in a shopping bag to sort through ‘one day’. FAIL. We are all the same, and hear in Balaklava we are all EXCITED that you have us talking about it. Look forward to your next blog. đŸ™‚

  5. I love this article!

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